"Tyler’s artistic sense of stage lighting is excellent – creating subtle shadows and patterns, or going bold with moving heads and sidelights. His ear is tuned to provide exceptional sound support and balance. But what has impressed me most over the past 7+ years is Tyler’s inherent sense of professionalism. When he lays a cable, it is tucked in and taped down. When he hangs a light, it is firmly mounted and safety cabled in place. He can talk to my renters, guiding choices with tact and ease. He listens, he interprets, and then he provides. His dedication to and passion for live entertainment is apparent in everything he does."

Robin LaCroix

Director of Theatre Arts, Amato Center for the Performing Arts

"Tyler's ability to capture the essence and feel of a production with lighting - whether the show is a small drama where his art is dependent on the acting and directing, or a musical where his lighting is the center of attention - is the result of a combination of factors: years of long hours of hard work, technical expertise second to none, and being gifted with an innate sense of what works for a production. His talent, professionalism, attention to detail, and easy rapport with director, cast and crew have earned him the respect and admiration of his collegues, myself included. Watch out for this one. He's going places."

Vicky Sandin

Milford Area Players

“Tyler is a very professional, passionate and focused lighting technician and designer. He is in love with what he does. His expertise with stage craft, willingness to collaborate and his unequalled level of effort creates the most perfect storm of artistic excellence."

Robyn Goulette

Artistic Director, Saving Grace Dance Ensamble

"Tyler Soucy's lighting designs are indicative of an artistic sensibility, attention to detail, layered nuances, and technical skill that many designers don't achieve until much later in their careers. Tyler understands a directors vision, the subtleties of the piece, and the needs of nervous actors. His work is elegant, textured and effective. Any theater would be lucky to have him associated with their shows."

Katie Collins

Director of Development, Capitol Center for the Arts

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